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What is PesaFX?

PesaFX is the leading company in Africa and Asia. As of December 2020, PesaFX's client base stands at over one million clients. The PesaFX platform focuses on providing easy financial solutions to improve the user experience and help him make money.

Why PesaFX?

The simplicity of PesaFX makes it stand out from the competition. The PesaFX platform was designed to be simple enough that anyone can trade with it, but sophisticated enough to be the experts' favorite.

What is Rate?

Each Asset has a rate. The rate is the representation of the asset's value. For example, if you see the EUR/USD rate (price) to be 1.20000 that means that to buy Euros you need to pay 1.20 USD. If this number goes up, it means that EUR is worth more USD. The difference is created thanks to the fact that EUR/USD has a rate/price. The same applies to other assets such as "OIL", where the asset price is how much a barrel of "OIL" is worth or "Microsoft" stock, the rate, in this case, would be the value/price of each share.

What is "Open Price" or "Open Market Rate"?

The "open price" or the "open market rate" is the rate/price that the asset had when the trade was initialized. For example, if the OIL rate now is 65.0000 then if you open a trade, you will get the open price/open market rate of 65.0000. This is important as the trade's performance will be measured based on the current market rate (what's the asset's rate/price currently/now) and the open market rate. This is how the difference is calculated:
Sell position/trade performance = [open market rate/open price] - [current market rate]
Buy position/trade performance = [current market rate] - [open market rate/open price]

What is an Asset?

An Asset is a financial instrument traded in the stock market (Capital Markets). Each asset has a price, a "rate", which is the value of the trade. As the demand increases, the asset's rate rises, and as the supply increases, the asset's rate decreases. The same opposite, if demand decreases, the asset's rate decreases, and if the supply decreases, the asset's rate decreases. In reality, the supply and the demand are constantly changing, sometimes every few seconds and sometimes every hour. Forex is all about opening many trades at the right time and taking easily identifiable trends.

What direction is "BUY"?

A "Buy" trade is one that you expect the asset's rate to go up.

What direction is "SELL"?

A "Sell" trade is one that you expect the asset's rate to go up.

What is "technical analysis"?

It can be used for short, medium, and long term type of trading analysis. Technical analysis is the analysis performed exclusively on the charts and the asset's rate fluctuation over time (the asset's rates history). That's why it is called "Technical" because it is oriented to logic and maths.

What is "fundamental analysis"?

It's a long-term type of trading analysis meant to be done when a trader is planning to trade a large amount of money and for long periods of time (hours, days, weeks, months). Contrary to technical analysis, the fundamental analysis is performed exclusively on events, public opinion, and news in the world. Anything from a politician making a statement to a volcano eruption or the bankruptcy of a company, all affects the stock market prices. How? Because the supply or demand of an asset will be different depending on what is happening in the world. For example, every month the NFP is released in the US and it impacts all the stocks and indexes related to/belonging to the USA. Also, it affects the USD, provoking volatility in the currency market. Each asset is affected differently by what happened in the world. Expert traders usually also perform technical analysis along with fundamental analysis to get better predictions.

What is an Indicator/Study?

The Stock Market started in 1792. Since then, many researchers, experts, scholars, and entrepreneurs have designed, developed, and improved different technical analysis methods to higher the success rate of their trades, and making trading more profitable. Each one of them devoting many years, sometimes even decades or a lifetime to a certain indicator/study. These technical trading techniques follow certain rules and require a certain trading approach when followed. Many experienced traders use many indicators to trade, especially in the short term. Up to today, most indicators/studies are considered reasonably equally productive and differ mostly on how the trader feel using them. In other words, what indicator/study you use to trade, if any, is a very personal question. Our advice, use the one you feel is the right one.

What is the "trading Diversification Strategy"?

The trading diversification strategy is the most well-known, successful, and conservative strategy in the Stock Market. It basically consists of spreading the risk by using all the money in making a lot of small positions in as many different assets as possible. The logic says "don't put all your eggs in one basket". If you make trades of large amounts of money and in few assets, you are very dependent on each one of them, their result will greatly affect you and your success will depend only on a few assets. But if you use the diversification strategy approach, you will diversify your money as much as possible, and a great expectation of big returns. Example of how to use the diversification strategy: You have 10 USD. You can open trades of 0.01 USD, 0.1 USD, 1 USD, 5 USD. In this case, the wisest thing to do, according to the strategy, is to make 500 trades of 0.01USD in many different assets. The worst thing you can do, according to the strategy, is to make 1 trade of 1 USD or 5 trades of 1 USD. This strategy teaches the more trades you do in a short period of time, and the more assets you use, the better you do. And thanks to its great success rate, it is the favorite among beginners and experts alike.

What are Unlimited trades?

Trades without limit of Duration are trades reserved for the most serious traders, only Platinum, VIP, Ultimate, and LPK accounts have this option enabled.

What is "LPK" and why would I want it?

LPK is the most popular cryptocurrency in the world for trading. It is highly used thanks to the fact that it can be divided into very small amounts, exactly as the Bitcoin or Ethereum. Also, the LPK is usually very stable, not volatile, and very reliable. Clients with LPK accounts enjoy extremely low fees, free rewards, and the fastest withdrawal times up to 1 business hour!. And what's best about LPK? Everyone with any amount of money can be an LPK account, all you need is a crypto wallet (any wallet, LPK is very famous, virtually all wallets support LPK) and ask for it. That's it! Contact our Customer Service department at [email protected] and tell us your crypto wallet public address, and you will be upgraded to an LPK account almost immediately!


  • Asset: Any financial product with a certain price that is traded in the stock market. For example, EUR/USD, Oil, and NASDAQ are all assets.
  • Trading: The most efficient way to make money online with PesaFX.
  • Limit (trading): The amount of money you want to use in the trade. This money will limit the amount of money you can make.
  • Points (trading): The value in money for each point in the trade. The more points in your direction, the better.
  • Duration (trading): The duration of your trade. When the trade starts the countdown and when it reaches 0 the trade is automatically closed.
  • Manual Close Trade (popup, trading): To manually close trades you have to have a minimum amount of time-limited trades open to be allowed to click on the "Close" button. It is meant to help when a lot of trades are open to getting more profits.

All clients are advised to review these Terms and Conditions, carefully, before completing their registration process with PesaFX.

The Privacy Policy establishes an essential part of these here Terms and Conditions

Approval of any of these terms, as indicated by selecting “I agree”, or “I accept” or alike statement resulting in signing up and/or use of the Company's services will be viewed that you agree to the Terms and Conditions, plus an admittance that you concur with its intent, and that you will obey all its provisions. If you are unable to agree with any of the regulations listed below, refrain from accessing or using this website.

This English adaptation is the default document and is considered the most correct version if any translation is found which conflicts with the English wording.

Date of Last Revision: October 28, 2020

  • 1.1. This Agreement is executed by and between PesaFX LTD., (The “Company”), and the Client, a physical or legal person (the “Client”). The Company owns and operates the site. Payment clearing and billing services are provided by PesaFX LTD.
  • 1.2. Orders from will show on your billing statement as +44 208 0897 351
  • 1.3. The Company's website is obtainable globally to all who have Internet access. Any access and partaking of the website, no matter the location, is contingent on these Terms & Conditions. You certify your approval to this form by your ongoing use of the Company's services and website and acknowledge that you reviewed this Agreement and any supplements fully and thus you concur to carry yourself in agreement with its Terms & Conditions and Privacy Statement. Immediately stop using this site if you disagree with these terms.
  • 1.4. The Company can update or change the terms of this accord intermittently depending on their needs and by their own choosing, as long as the correct current version of the form is accessible to you via publication on the Company’s website. All modifications take effect on the same date that they were uploaded to the site, which you accept. All Visitors are accountable to affirm if the Agreement was altered. From the day of its publication, all changes are enforced. Do not continue using the Company's service if you do not agree to the terms and conditions. Kindly inform PesaFX by sending to the Company a notification immediately. With your use of the Company's website, you demonstrate your affirmation of the modified guidelines, policies, or terms from the Last Revision Date of the Company's Terms & Conditions when you visited.
  • 1.5. Your rights and/or responsibilities per this Agreement are not transmittable to third parties.

Below are terms defined which are included in this Agreement along with the definitions to them except for if stated differently in this Agreement:

  • 2.1 “System” is the electronic services that enable online trading with Financial Contracts adopting the PesaFX trading platform completely within the terms of this Agreement plus the terms of the Trading Manual (described below) which is an essential portion of the Agreement.
  • 2.2 “Financial Contract” or “Contract” is a contract to purchase and sell Online Trading or other financial goods which the Company can offer through the System periodically to its clients.
  • 2.3 “Online Trading” is a trade that provides a pre-set return on investment at the start of the Contract.
  • 2.4 “Contract Price” are the asset rates displayed by the System and formed on “indicative” estimates drawn-out from the Company's diverse financial information systems as regards to the current corrected rates for contracts for a unique instrument in the financial markets.
  • 2.5 “Markets” are any global markets dealing in commodities, finance, or other applicable assets, with contract rates set for free trade, and where numerous financial assets are exchanged.
  • 2.6 “Business Day” is a single calendar day from 00:00 through 23:59 GMT.
  • 2.7 “Order” is the selling and purchasing of a Financial Contract at a set fee.
  • 2.8 “Closing” is an action placed to end an open trade (example, the sale of a financial contract recently bought or vice versa) at an amount matching the original order which was started on the same Business Day.
  • 2.9 “Collateral” is the initial amount deposited with the Company by the user after removing any withdrawals or losses, and tallying any earnings derived from said Orders.
  • 3.1 The Company System is provided to entities or legal persons living outside the EU and made available exclusively for use by companies or individuals that are qualified to enter permanent legal contracts per the authority in their country. Due to your registration which is like a commercial entity, you announce that you hold the legal power to act in the place of that entity and execute this legal accord.
  • 3.2 Anyone below the age of 18, or under the minimum authorized age of majority in your country of residence (“Minors”), or who are incapable of executing officially binding pacts within the laws of their place of residence for whatever reason, may not use the services of said Company. If you are a minor, you are not eligible to use this service. For the sake of being clear, individuals younger than 18, the Company declares legal responsibility for the use of its Services by Minors and deems it completely unapproved in any way or form.
  • 3.3 Additionally, due to this being a precarious investment, only skilled individuals with a background in economic matters are assumed to be able to comprehend the warrants and the risks of opening accounts and contracts on the Company's website. Only individuals who show their aptness with no need for any additional data located on the Company's website are qualified to use said services. The Company clearly states that they are not obligated to check if a client holds enough familiarity and experience and that they are not responsible for damages or losses experienced by clients due to a lack of awareness or authority. Keeping in with the above-mentioned, PesaFX rebuffs any responsibility for confirming and/or checking your level of competence and/or talent, and all responsibility for harm or damages endured whether it be direct or indirect due to your using the Site.
  • 3.4 The PesaFX System can be used by residents of any country other than those listed below: France, Iran, Israel, North-Korea, Syria, Turkey, and Yemen. The Company's products and/or services will not be provided to these countries. With that said, residents from these countries may not apply for or open accounts with said Company.
  • 3.5 The Company may deny and/or cancel admittance to their Services at its choice, to any persons regardless of the data provided above.
  • 3.6 Clients may open only one account. Accounts that were created with a fake name or as an extra account opened by one person, will not be fit for trading including any profits or bonuses
  • 4.1 Financial Contracts laws in regard to trading are different worldwide, and you concur that you will abide by the laws, directives, and regulations for using the Company's website that pertains to your region.
  • 4.2 Please note, entrance to the Company's website doesn’t necessarily mean that such Services and trades are regarded as legal within the regulations, laws, or directives of your region.
  • 4.3 When you open an account, you confirm that you carried out an examination and that you found that there are no legal limits that could keep you from utilizing the System as mentioned in this accord. One comprehends that these Services shall not be used in areas they are unlawful. This means that the said Company may deny services, and/or may terminate Services, completely or partially, to any individual at any time, for any reason, by its own choice. This includes if said Company finds an activity on an account not approved under the laws of your region.
  • 4.4 The client has the sole responsibility to report actions on their account to their tax preparer or other authority when this is required by the regulations of your region. Also, the client is responsible to pay any applicable governmental fees, levies, taxes, and charges that accumulate because of account activities. Includes in this calculation are cuts from the source. Clients also approve to forgo any claims versus the Company per this matter.
  • 5.1 Financial dealings or actions of the nature of such dealings covered and defined throughout this agreement shall be regarded as high-risk financial undertakings. The Client affirms that he completely realizes that market figures can change even in a short time period and such variations can produce high profits or losses. Thus, this System is mainly relevant to those skilled individuals capable of managing damages ranging and as well as a complete relinquishment of all financed securities and/or money. The Client is responsible for attentive consideration if this kind of trade agrees with their purposes, by assessing your budget, not to mention your personal condition and full awareness of the consequences due to your trading actions. as the risk of depletion of some or all of the financed funds in the short term is great, traders should only use money set aside by you as suitable for high- risk speculative trades and are motivated to seek advice from a self-reliant financial adviser should there be doubts.
  • 6.1 Once accepting this Agreement, the Company will establish a System account in your name and ownership, stemming from the applicable data you provided in the application process, and modified periodically for accuracy, when ordered by the Company. It is your responsibility to check that all information submitted to the Company's Company is accurate, true, and complete. If it is found that false or misleading details were given, it will be deemed as a violation which will result in a prompt suspension of all activities in the said account or its termination.
  • 6.2 You approve your permission that the instant PesaFX has finished the authentication of your identity by the procedure used by said Company, PesaFX then are ordered to convey you as an heir of the relevant holding account created by the financial organization which the Company depends upon to record Collateral funds associated to you, in the sums which tally a total balance documented in your account in the System, plus PesaFX could also transmit the financial services firm those identification facts which you provided to PesaFX.
  • 6.3 After your account is made, the Company will create secret personal identification encryption for you (hereafter known as the “Access Code”) to access the account on the Internet. You hereby confirm that the responsibility to protect this Access Code falls on you alone. You also agree to abandon all claims versus the Company associated with the use of this Access Code in a prohibited manner.
  • 6.4 Said Company regards the privacy of its clients highly important and continues to secure any data concerning them which they received. PesaFX applies the most up-to-date technological and physical security procedures to process and protect the information on servers. Should you disagree with these methods PesaFX use, PesaFX requests that you refrain from using the Company's services. Your information is only to be used per the Company's Privacy Policy. Nonetheless, approval of this Agreement is regarded as a permit for PesaFX to transmit marketing and promotional material, be it owned by the Company or by any other third party that PesaFX has settled to offer these services.
  • 7.1 You approve the Company’s documentation of telephone conversations or its use of an authorized entity to do so in its place. Despite that, there is no constraint for any correspondences to be recorded by said Company.
  • 7.2 The Company will hold duplicates of all written requests submitted by you or may choose to contract with an approved party to execute this service in their place for a duration to be decided at their choosing. Plus, the Company or an authorized party on its behalf will store records of all your requests.
  • 7.3 Any recordings and/or chronicles produced by the Company can be used for all purposes the Company deems satisfactory, including the settling of disagreements between client and Company.
  • 7.4 Any recordings and/or reports created by the Company are the exclusive property of said Company and their presence creates no responsibility to distribute or share said materials with anyone. Plus, if ever the Company is ordered to provide a copy of these recordings or is obligated to submit documentation relating to your account, at the request of stern directives from a legal or authoritative body, you will carry the entire cost for the duplication and/or copying of such documents and/or chronicles in conformity with the Company legitimate price list for the services will be imposed at that time.
  • 8.1 Your participation in the site relies on the issuance of a defined non-transferable, non-exclusive license which The Company offers you to enter and use the Company's website (the “License”). This license is constantly dependent on your compliance with every term in this Agreement. As a term of receipt, you approve not to retail your admission or grant entrance to the Site to other persons, and to avoid copying any content available on the Site for any other purpose or for resale without possessing the preceding documentation of the Company’s approval. You shall be held wholly responsible for any unlawful use of the Site coming out from the breach of this portion.
  • 8.2 The certificate in this Accord given to you by the said Company to use this Software stays enforced for as long as this Agreement to remains in effect and full force. This refers to any modifications to the Agreement which may substitute the original periodically. Ownership will be kept at all times by the Company of all Documentation, Software, or intellectual property privileges included therein. Any use of the Company’s Software by anyone, corporation, government organization, business, not exclusively given authorization or by any entity is looked at as prohibited and establishes a breach of this Accord.
  • 8.3 You admit not to use any manner of electronic interaction included as an element of a Service located on the Site for conduct which might be viewed as abusive, intrusive, illegal, hateful, threatening, or obscene and concur to stop any vilification or harassment towards other individuals as you use the site.
  • 9.1 PesaFX LTD or any authorized third parties, along with the Company's licensors, keep ownership of this Documentation, Website, and system program. Said ownership privileges can include terms, data, and/or names that may or might not be identified with a graphic identifying it as a term, name, or item in which a registered trademark is held or copyright is affirmed. The absence of any symbols related to trademarks, database rights, copyright, and other intellectual property privileges in the content cannot, under any condition, be comprehended as meaning that the data, term, or name is not the intellectual of either a third party or PesaFX LTD.
  • 9.2 You shall not lease, loan, rent, display, distribute, disclose, publish, modify, or produce acquired works from the system program or any part of it. You cannot disassemble, adapt, decompile, translate, or reverse engineer said system program, or shall you try to produce the source code out of the object code in favour of the system program. You can transfer the system program to different computers that you possess, given that you use a single computer each time.
  • 9.3 All privileges not given to you herein are intentionally restricted by the Company or their suppliers, partners, or applicable licensor. You shall not discard any copyrighted notice of the Company from any duplicate of a system program or Certification.
  • 9.4 You approve to use of the data gathered from the information systems of said Company exclusively for carrying out Orders within the Company’s System or Web site. You also agree that you will not operate electronic communication elements of a Service in the site for objectives that are abusive, tortuous, unlawful, and disturbing the privacy of others, or found to be threatening, embarrassing, defamatory libellous, obscene, harassing, or hateful.
  • 10.1 The Company might provide a link to separate websites that are offered or managed by third parties. This link to the site(s) is not backing or an approval nor is it an affiliation or a sponsorship to the specific site, its owners, or suppliers.
  • 10.2 PesaFX firmly alert you and advise that you make sure that you comprehend the risks related to the use of said sites before recovering, using, or buying via the Internet. Links to such sites are offered solely for your suitability and you concur not to claim the Company as being responsible for any losses or damages due to the usage or dependence on any services, content, or products available on other sites.
  • 11.1 Money laundering is the process of taking money obtained illegally, introducing it into the legal financial system while attempting to show that it was acquired lawfully. Criminals look to use trading accounts as a means to cover up the currency's history. The said Company does not permit any form of money laundering and combats it daily. For the security of the company and the clients, specific guidelines are followed and adhered to. This is where the Company's ‘Know Your Client’ method was created so that PesaFX could detect any suspicious behaviour.
  • 11.2 You hereby claim that any funds that you deposited into your account were of the legal basis, have no criminal background, like drug trafficking, illegal arms trades, illegal gambling, prostitution, or the funding of terror organizations.
  • 11.3 For the Anti-Fraud and Anti-Money Laundering procedures to be successful, new fraud controls and security practices that require us to accurately recognize a clients’ identity to deter, detect, and report potentially suspicious activity. Thus, all clients are required to submit to the compliance department at [email protected] the below-listed documents:
    • (I). A color copy of either a government-issued valid driver’s license, passport, or state ID. Copy of driver’s license needs to be the front and back of the card showing the entire card. No black and white images will be accepted.
    • (II). A clear color copy of the front and backside of the credit/debit card(s) you are using to fund your account. Please make sure that the first 6 digits and the last 4 digits on the front of your card are visible; You may cover the 3- or 4-digit CVV number located on the back of the card.
    • (III). A copy of a bank statement or your utility bill (phone, gas, water, electricity, etc.) that shows your full name and the entire home address and cannot be dated more than 3 months from your deposit.
    • (IV). A signed and dated declaration of deposit for every deposit that you executed on the Company's System.
  • 11.4 Before PesaFX can approve any cash requests the previously mentioned documents must be collected by the Company's compliance department. There might be times that these forms will be required before any other specific action is taken on your account, for example, additional trades. Not having these documents can delay a pending withdrawal request. You will be notified by email of your status per your verification or specific requests you have placed.
  • 11.5 The Company might, occasionally at its own choosing, ask clients to provide further or amended proof of identity (i.e., a certified copy of passport or any other type of identity) and could on its own decision discontinue an account if such documents that have not been submitted.
  • 11.6 PesaFX sends withdrawal funds back to the original method the client used to make a deposit. This is a preventative method to deter fraud or theft.
  • 11.7 Any type of deceitful actions will be recorded and all and any associated accounts to those dishonest actions will be instantly terminated. All funds currently in those accounts will be surrendered.
  • 12.1 Any trade being performed in the account is determined on the deposit you make into your account which is chosen by the Company, to be utilized as funds for the Orders defined herein. The said Company will not permit you to perform any Order if the deposit is lacking and/or in any circumstance that the Collateral is inadequate for the execution of a specific trade, contingent to the Company’s policy. If and when the Company lets you continue trading before receiving validation of deposit of such Collateral by you, and in reality, no funds were deposited, the said Company will have the justification to take away from any earnings achieved the amount which was to be deposited as collateral before the trade was allowed.
  • 12.2 To avoid any ambiguity, all clients should know that funds collected from them are never invested in any currencies, derivatives, futures, securities, or other investments, on your behalf. These funds are exclusively used as a deposit on your account in the System.
  • 12.3 The Company has complete authority in regard to the Collateral in your account until its withdrawal by you. Said Company might deposit equivalent funds together with any financial institution together with yet not restricted to these funds that are used as collateral related to your Orders.
  • 12.4 If a trade is executed and there are no sufficient funds in the account, the said Company can reduce your exposure in the specific trade and/or contact you to correct the circumstance and/or request from you compensation in full for any shortage which was the outcome of your Order that was not protected by appropriate Collateral. Let it be known that the previously mentioned privilege of the Company, doesn’t force it to lower your exposure in any trade and you will possess no accusations against the Company about any losses as a result from the reduction or non-decrease of your exposure in any certain Order by the Company.
  • 12.5 With regards to wire transfer deposits, it is the responsibility of the Client to verify that his/her account number along with the listed name of the account owner is included in every transfer made to the Company.
  • 13.1 The Company grants Bonuses or trade-explicit credits (both hereinafter referred to as “Bonuses”) to all clients. Bonuses are a promotional program offered by the Company. Bonuses are given at the Company's Account Executives’ choice. As Bonuses provide advantages, no Client is obligated to participate in them.
  • 13.2 By choosing to accept Bonus, you are approving the Bonus-specific Terms and Conditions. Please be advised that Bonuses are final which irrevocable after they have been approved by a client and applied to an account.
  • 13.3 Bonus being a promotional offer are not assignable nor are they transferable.
  • 13.4 Each shared IP address, person, household, and shared computer can receive one Bonus, except if it is noted otherwise in the offeror is altered by the Account Executive.
  • 13.5 The Company has the authority to modify or terminate any said promotional offer whenever they desire to with no additional notice, however, it should be only with an influence for future bonuses.
  • 13.6 The Trading Amount Requirement for all bonuses is as described – clients are obligated to perform a comprehensive trading capacity of at best one hundred eighty times (x180) that of your collected bonus amount and your bonus qualified deposit unless clearly described otherwise in the applicable supplemental Terms & Conditions. This means that, if you accept a bonus worth €84.27 on a deposit of €842.67, you will be obligated to amass a trading quantity of €84.27 x 180 = €15168.11. This is strictly for fully settled trades (i.e., trades ending in a win or loss) that are counted against the Trading Amount Requirement.
  • 13.7 Please be advised that only “Standard” Long-Term trades and online trading (i.e., trades that end in either a win or a loss) with at a minimum duration of 5 minutes will qualify for the satisfaction of your trading capacity requirement. To reach your trading volume obligation, your funds will be traded before your Bonus amount.
  • 13.8 A bonus shall be collected once the Trading Capacity Requirement has been achieved and fulfilled.
  • 13.9 KEEP in MIND that your initial deposits are traded on first; when they have all been staked, you will start trading on the bonus.
  • 13.10 Customers who have a withdrawal request, are not qualified to receive any bonuses.
  • 13.11 PLEASE NOTE that when you accept a bonus, you approve that the funds which have been set as the bonus which this amount itself is subject to the Trading Capacity Requirements. Any effort to withdraw/transfer (plus transfers to different products) any monies within your account; also, any cash balance that is NOT connected to the bonus, before completing the full trading requirements, will be rejected.
  • 13.12 If you still have not completed the mandatory trading amount of a bonus and are trying to claim an additional or a second bonus, you must satisfy the wagering obligations of the first bonus before receiving a bonus/es to wager with. Kindly note that pending your collective total balance (bonus amount and assigned funds) amid your current bonus and other awaiting bonus/es reaches fewer than €0.84, you will nonetheless be obligated by the wagering necessities for any accepted bonus/es towards your account.
  • 13.13 Any hint of reward influence, arbitrage, fraud, or other forms of devious or unlawful acts relating to the granting or facilitation of any Bonus will basically declare the client’s account as unacceptable, as well as deferment of any gains amassed during the lifespan of the account. If and when there is an argument, the Company’s decision will be absolute.
  • 13.14 Furthermore, all additional Terms & Conditions apply.
  • 13.15 The company has the choice to accept/drop a withdrawal request in cases of unique situations.
  • 14.1 By accepting these Terms & Conditions of this here accord, you hereby allow and permit the Company, pending any drafted notice opposing to the effect will be collected from you by the Company, to execute out activities and orders in conformity with your directions or per to guidelines offered by your suitably authorized agent(s) orally and/or in writing all in correspondence with the authority granted to the said Company for the provision of the Services and/or by this contract.
  • 14.2 The Company’s approval of your directives and its assistance in the carrying out of Financial Contracts will be in conformity with normal procedures in the international financial markets and accepted practices which relate to Financial Contracts of the same type executed by you when using the System.
  • 14.3 All the trades will be done by the client at their own risk. The Company nor any approved entity in its place will be held responsible for any damages, losses, or arrears acquired by the client resulting openly or indirectly from activities contemplated by this accord. Regardless, any amount to be declared by you shall not surpass your Collateral.
  • 14.4 now and then clients can notify the Company of individuals that they have granted or approved to correspond with said Company in your place. This information can be sent to the company in written form only, and it will consist of the identification details and names of the empowered person or the individuals. Furthermore, a signature sample of each individual will be provided to the Company. This assignment of power may as well be cancelled in writing. Orally or drafted conveyed orders to carry on trades by an approved representative will bind the Company and yourself for all objectives and purposes.
  • 14.5 The Company may nullify at its choosing trades that were carried out at rates which were ‘out-of-market,’ no matter if the trades were the outcome of defective market feeds or misrepresents on the trading platform or human inaccuracy if it were within the control of the said Company or not.
  • 14.6 You announce that you approve and accept that a central arrangement to this accord, refers to the Company’s privilege to close down whenever, with no pre-notice, any Order done by you, if your portfolio reaches of zero value or less, as computed concerning the variations in the Financial Contracts’ rates.
  • 15.1 The Payment of your damages shall be subtracted by the Company or an approved party in its place from the Collateral and compensations of accumulated gains made out to you by the said Company or an approved party in its place. Any profits building up from your trades will be applied to your account as extra collateral.
  • 15.2 Your credit balance will carry no interest.
  • 15.3 No monies or assets can be moved by any client to the other with regards to any trade.
  • 15.4 If you elect to withdraw funds built up in your account, you need to, as a condition to handling your request,
    • (I) finish and sign the “Withdrawal Request” document which will be provided to you by an approved party on its behalf or the Company, and then reinstitute it to the said Company
    • (II) be completely KYC verified (see article 11 of these Terms & Conditions.)
    • 15.5 The delivery of funds will not be executed by the Company before to the Company or an authorized party in its place, of the said form, signed both by you or your chosen delegate.
    • 15.6 Without confining the previously mentioned conditions,
    • 15.7 Winnings will be paid to the creator of an account, or an account titled in his own name but not to any third party’s account. If a client holds an account funded by bank wire deposits, earnings are released to the bank account owner. It is the client’s responsibility to check that said account number and name are included in all deposits to the Company. If it is an account funded by credit/debit card deposits, the proceeds are compensated back to the identical credit/debit card used, in the value of the amount deposited. Other profits may be bank wired contingent to the situations mentioned above.
    • 15.8 Let it be known that the Company offers NO currency conversion services thus your Collateral will not be reimbursed in a currency, unlike the currency for which you used to deposit with the Company. The unsettled balance (of your receivables and arrears from the Company) will be refunded to you in the identical currency that your Collateral was in.
    • 15.9 It could take the Company up to three business days to handle your withdrawal application. At the time of approval, any disbursements requested by you will be transferred to your credit/debit card or personal bank account and no more than, seven (7) calendar business days after your appeal for payment.
    • 15.10 All withdrawals are contingent on a standard withdrawal fee centring on the selected withdrawal manner. From the date of said Terms & Conditions, the valid withdrawal fees are along these lines:
    • • Credit/Debit Card deposits: 3.5%
    • • Bank Wire Transfer deposits: €16.85
    • • Withdrawals lower than €84.27/GBP/EUR by Credit/Debit Card and/or Bank Wire Transfer will be subjected to a set withdrawal fee of €16.85.
    • 16.1 In the event where a client funded or deposited money with the Company in regard to the services provided by the Company within the website, the Company has the right to send back/compensate the Client any sums collected in the following occurrences:
      • (I) By the Client’s request, dependent on the Client’s balance with the Company and contingent on their KYC compliance status
      • (II) there was a shared accord amid the Client and Company
      • (III) Company’s promise to provide specific services haven’t been received by the Client
      • (IV) When the contract is cancelled and associations amid the Parties ended due to or without cause; all dependent to any fees of said Client to the Company
    • 17.1 Any account that has a balance and is inactive (this means that there are no investments, no trades no active positions, and no withdrawals being executed) for a duration of three months will be subjected to a monthly upkeep fee which is either 0.5% of the dormant account’s balance or €42.13/GBP/AUD/EUR or, whichever of the two is higher.
    • 18.1 The Company may choose to stop or suspend the trading availability offered by the System, the operation of the said website or portions thereof whenever they want without any advance notice within the following situations:
      • (I) in the case of, an outcome of economic, military, political, or monetary events (as well as unusual market instability or illiquidity) or any conditions beyond the control, liability, and authority of the Company, the ongoing operation of this site or the System will not be rationally possible without unfavourably and materially affecting and influencing your benefits or the Company, or if, in the Company’s own choosing, a percentage cannot be computed for financial betting accords.
      • (II) If the communication ends normally employed in defining the rate or market price of any of the financial betting agreements or where the rate or worth of any of the financial betting accords cannot be quickly or precisely ascertained.
      • (III) Under such conditions, the Company or an approved party in its place can close any open trades you may have (by executing a Reverse Order) devoid of any prior warning that is sent to you, at a just market value replicating closely, the appropriate rates of the pertinent Contracts. Thus, you surrender any declarations of suits/indemnification/causes of action versus the Company in this circumstance and admit that this proclamation is a prerequisite to the legitimacy of the contract.
    • 19.1 The Company may deny or cancel services and/or decline to allocate gains to any individual by its own choosing, as well as, without limitation:
      • (I) Should the Company feel that your actions on the site are a form of misconduct or illegal.
      • (II) Should the Company feel that the system provided to you was mistreated, or that you employed a method to influence or control the System in general or with regards to a specific Contract.
      • (III) Should the Company feel that the email address that you provided to the Company is no longer in use or correct.
      • (IV) If a client neglects to submit to the Company any extra confirmation of identities like a notarized duplicate of a passport or other verifications as occasionally required by the Company.
      • (V) If the actions of the client cause monetary loss to the Company.
      • (VI) Should a client fail to obey any Terms or Conditions of this accord and all the attached guidelines and instructions for said Service.
    • 20.1 Said Company can provide a wide variety of financial data that is created internally from suppliers’ agents, or partners (“Third Party Providers”) using one of its many Services. One of these methods is through quotes and news, financial market data, research reports and analyst opinions, graphs, and data (“Financial Information”). None of the financial information obtainable on the site is intended to be regarded as investment advice. This information is provided merely as a service. Not the Company nor its Third-Party Providers guarantee the completeness or correct sequencing, timeliness, accuracy of any financial data or the outcome of your using this financial information. This information can suddenly become untrustworthy for many reasons, like economic situations or changes in market conditions. Not the Company nor its Third-Party Providers are obligated to amend the information or sentiments, and PesaFX can disturb the movement of financial information when PesaFX chooses to.
    • 20.2 Additionally, it is understood that said Company is not, and will not, be accountable at all for the correctness of any information displayed on its Web site by others or by itself, and all available or cited item of data should be regarded as unproven information for the objectives of managing your risks and actions. PesaFX strongly stresses that you need to validate that all information instructed by you was examined and approved by yourself, through separate information sources to your contentment before any actions taken by yourself on such Web site. Should you not possess the acquaintance and/or know-how and/or execute orders based on a learned basis or personally assessed data please refrain from using the company's system or website. The company will not take on responsibility for any damages or losses, including, any harm of profit, which can be the results stemming from direct or indirect use of or dependability on said information as mentioned above.
    • 21.1 PesaFX is dedicated to checking the ongoing Services on the Site. Nonetheless, PesaFX takes no responsibility for any defect, error, interruption, omission, deletion, delay, in processing or transmission, theft or damage, communications line malfunction, or unapproved access or modification of the Site or Services. The Company denies any blame for any complications or technical breakdown of any telephone system or lines, hardware or system program, servers or providers, computer online systems, or any technical breakdown due to technical issues or traffic overcrowding on the Internet, the Site or any Service. To the amount allowed by pertinent law, never will PesaFX be accountable for any loss or damage resulting from the usage of the Site or Services for any material displayed on or within the Services or Site, or the demeanour of any users of the Site or Services, be it offline or online. You approve to partake in the Site at your own exposure.
    • 21.2 You concur that the Company doesn’t offer any gear neither is it an Internet Service Provider and thus it will not be accountable, intentionally or unintentionally, regarding any kind of failure whatever it be, resting on your side, or any equipment not offered by the Company and/or any Internet link glitch and/or any computer software or system program defects and/or errors including but not restricted to interruptions in the transfer of your orders or the hindered acceptance thereof. You will be liable for maintaining and providing the methods to admittance to the Website, which may comprise without constraint a modem, access lines, personal computer, or telephone, you are responsible for all entrance, license, service, and subscription dues essential to access the website and assume all fees acquired in obtaining such systems. Additionally, you accept all consequences associated with the usage and accommodation of data on your personal computer or any other device from which you will obtain access to the services or website (hereinafter referred to as “computer” or “your computer”). You signify and certify that you have applied and plan to operate and uphold suitable protection in regard to the safety and authority of entrance to your computer, computer viruses, or any equally damaging or inappropriate information materials, data, or devices. You concur that the Company won’t in any way be responsible to you in the case of damage, failure, or ruin to your computer data, system, or records, or for errors, losses, delays, or omissions coming from the failure or mishandling of any computer equipment or telecommunications or system program. You will not transfer in any way, be it intentionally or unintentionally, to make vulnerable the Company or its online service suppliers to any computer virus or other equally harmful or unsuitable device or material.
    • 22.1 By activating and signing up to this Site and financing your Trading Account you agree to the following:
      • (I) You are mindful that the contract amounts offered by the Company are the proportions which the Company is prepared to sell online trading. Such rates don’t automatically echo live market prices
      • (II) When you purchase an online trading account, you could place yourself to significant loss of the capitalized money or possible complete loss of your participated funds
      • (III) You reviewed the terms of this accord and every term associated with Financial Contracts as they are identified in this contract before any actions of any Financial Contract and fully comprehend the fates and results of achievement or failure
      • (IV) You are conscious of the possibilities associated with the carrying out of the trades described in this accord and you read and accepted the Risk Factors Disclosure
      • (V) When using this site you concur to take on complete and absolute responsibility for your decisions actions, and research
      • (VI) Neither promise of performance, any anticipated Return on investment nor outcomes is provided at any time
    • 22.2 When using the website or any services provided by the Company, such user approves that the said Company or any entities related to the Company will not be liable for any intended or unintended, significant damages or losses coming out of the usage, or the usage of alerts, data, manual, worksheet, system program, directives, signals messages, instructions, etc. and any information available referring to its application and understanding.
    • 22.3 You admit that you alone are accountable and obligated for all actions and trades to be carried out in your account, as well as the payment of any Trade, either executed by a family member, you in person, an attorney or agent, or said Company’s employees following your orders, or any third party who were given access to the account. You also concur that not the Company, its employees, or any individual on its behalf will be responsible in any way what may be regarding the results or penalties of such orders and/or actions. You are liable for guaranteeing that alone will manage access to the account and that no minors are provided entry to trade on the System. Anyhow, you remain completely accountable for all positions executed within your account, including any credit card trades placed on the site for your account. You will also indemnify the Company in regard to any losses, and costs, which the Company might suffer as a result, intended or unintended, due to the lack to perform or resolve such an order.
    • 22.4 You confirm to protect and indemnify the Company's company and its directors, officers, agents, and employees and to hold them inoffensive against and from any claims, damages, expenses, losses, and liabilities, as well as without limitation to just attorney’s costs and fees, coming of/or in any way associated with your use or access to the Site or its Services, your break of any of the terms of this accord, or your betrayal of any appropriate laws or guidelines.
    • 22.5 Restriction of liability will implement the fullest extent allowed by law in the appropriate jurisdiction and on no occasion will the company’s collective obligation to you surpass the sum of money you deposited or transferred into your account on the said site in association with the trade causing such liability.
    • 23.1 The Company might end this agreement whenever by providing you a message to this effect. You can terminate this accord whenever by submitting 48 hours prior notice to the Company. From the date of the discontinuation notice by you, you cannot carry out new Orders, which will activate new trades in your account, and your current open trades will be terminated with the current existing rates.
    • 23.2 The authorization which was given will be cancelled should the Company feels that any data provided by you, like your e-mail, is inactive or not correct, or in case that you are unsuccessful in obeying every term or condition of this accord including all guidelines and rules for each service. The Company will view this as if you performed a crime on the System (as well as the assumption of trade beyond the market rates).
    • 23.3 If a break of these Terms & Conditions takes place, you concur to stop accessing the Services. You approve that the said Company, in its own choosing and devoid of notice, may end your access to all or part of the Services, cease any open trade and eliminate and remove any data or content from its Service.
    • 24.1 If and when any condition in this contract is believed to be unacceptable or unenforceable, the residual arrangements will persist in full power and effect.
    • 24.2 No Release: The shortcomings of an entity to apply any privilege or provision of this accord will not be considered to be a discharge of such provision or right.
    • 24.3 Transference: the Company can transmit this accord or any privileges and/or duties hereunder beyond your approval.
    • 24.4 Entire contract: This accord, with all Sections listed, encompasses the whole and absolute contract of the Parties with regards to the said affair hereof and replaces any prior and simultaneous representations, proposals, arrangements, understandings, or contracts whether they be drafted or oral until now made among the Parties and referring to said subject matter. If a customer is made up of multiple individuals or entities, the terms of the said contract will combine all of them and severally.
    • 24.5 Announcements: The Company or an approved party in its place can deliver any notices and forms by e-mail, post-service, courier, telex, or by fax, as it feels most befitting. Any notice that you will send to the Company must be sent by courier or as certified mail. Such notice will be operational when it is received by the Company.
    • 24.6 Jurisdiction: This contract will be understood and imposed in agreement with the laws of Uganda, and will be ruled by the said governing nation, notwithstanding any disagreements of laws principles. Each of the sides hereby irreversibly:
      • (I) agreement to any proceeding, legal action, or suit with regards to this contract being served solely in the capable courts (the “Courts”) and relinquishes to the highest extent allowed by law any opposition that might arise now or hereafter to the location of any proceeding, action, or suit in any such Courts and any declaration that such proceeding, action, or suit has been presented in a troublesome forum,
      • (II) approves the capability of such Courts,
      • (III) clearly submits to the select jurisdiction of such courts in any proceeding, action, or suit and
      • (IV) concurs that final judgment in all such proceeding, action, or suit presented in such Courts shall be decisive and binding and may be imposed in all courts.

    Please do not hesitate to use the customer support Live Chat located on the Company's website or to contact PesaFX by e-mail at [email protected] if you have any inquiries concerning these Terms and Conditions.

    © COPYRIGHT PesaFX 2019

    Risk Disclaimer: Online Trading has the potential to yield high profits, but it also involves significant risks. For this reason, PesaFX advises consumers not to trade funds that they cannot afford to lose. The trading outcome is dependent upon an unpredictable market. It is possible to lose one’s initial investment, and PesaFX, therefore, recommends that traders devise a money management system, including Seeking professional advice, to protect their investments. Premium live trades are displayed with fixed selections for the convenience of the trader. PesaFX encourages new and existing Traders to keep up to date with the Terms and Conditions before trading. is owned and operated by PesaFX LTD.

One of the initial arrangements PesaFX enacted during its inception was that any data the clients share with the Company needed to be kept secure and hacker-proof. This includes not sharing any of your information with any third-party organization. This is a promise PesaFX stands by and never move astray from.

With that said, PesaFX carries out a unique method of providing that added protection to your account. This procedure is called the KYC process, which stands for Know Your Client. PesaFX wants to know you, to label every client as a sole owner of a specific account. To accomplish this, certain documents are requested to be copied and provided to the Company. As mentioned above, your records are stored securely and if needed, allow access only to specific agents.

This method not only serves as the first deterrent to fraud or identity threats, but it also ensures a friendly, safe trading environment.

Your step of registering and signing up with our firm serves as a confirmation that the information you provided to the Company is true and authentic. Only accounts opened by a true investor and not as a ploy to impersonate a third-party will remain open. All fake, or accounts meant to deceit will immediately be terminated.

The information PesaFX collects from you is exclusively used for the opening and protection of the account. The agents who have access to your account are there only to be able to offer the best service to you. No information is shared with anyone unless it falls under the following cases:

Only if the Company received written approval from the client, and only to the specified individuals listed. If it is needed for legal reasons. If it is needed to identify an account owner

Clients must concur that all communications between the company and themselves are kept on file in the event it will be needed to resolve a dispute. To administer good business, some or all of the information provided by the client might be used.

One of the services provided by PesaFX is reaching out to clients via email or by phone. This way PesaFX can update and inform the account holder of market trends and news. There may be special offers or promotions that the Company may want you to be made aware of. Opening an account displays approval of these measures, per the terms and conditions, found in the contract. If a client chooses not to be contacted, he may simply send PesaFX a notification and the Company will not contact him again.

Why do I need to complete the KYC procedure? Today having the most sophisticated security software on your platform is great but ultimately, you never truly know who the real owner of the account is. PesaFX implements a process called ‘Know Your Client’ (KYC) as another added precaution to protect all their accounts from any type of fraud. It is PesaFX's way of getting to know who PesaFX clients are, and ultimately recognizing them as the true holder of a specific account. This comes very handily when funds need to be sent back to the rightful owner.

Having your account fully verified by completing the KYC procedure in just a few simple steps will protect your account. Getting your account verified early means you can continue to trade with no interruption generating more additional income.

How does one verify an account? The verification process entails sending specific documents to the compliance department. Below is a detailed list of these necessary documents. Please keep in mind that there are explicit guidelines that need to be met for quicker verification. For example, when sending in the forms, the size of the attachments mustn't exceed the 5MB limit, plus you may only send the forms in the following file formats: JPG, PDF, PNG.

For any additional information or assistance, please contact PesaFX's support team at [email protected].


Valid Driver’s License, Government Issued Passport or State ID
This form must be in full color and needs to show the entire front and back of the card. The document must show the picture and date of birth.


Bank Statement or Utility Bill (water/electric/gas/phone/cable)

This document does not need to be in full color, but it does need to show the following details; the Full name of the account owner, the entire mailing address, and the billing date. The billing date needs to be less than three months from your original deposit with PesaFX LTD.


Credit/Debit Card

This document needs to be in color, show all edges and the whole credit/debit card, front and back.

Some of the items that need to be included are:

  • The first 6 and the last 4 digits of the credit/debit card must be visible. (you may cover the remaining numbers)
  • Back of the credit/debit card must show a signature
  • The credit/debit card expiration date
  • The full name of the credit/debit card owner

The CVV numbers on the back of the credit/debit card may be covered.


DOD (Declaration of Deposits)

Upon the completion of your first deposit, the compliance department will email you a form for you to sign, date, and return. This form is called the Declaration of Deposit(s), (DOD) which basically is a record of all the deposits made towards a specific account. Account-holders will need to hand sign at the areas marked with an X for each deposit listed. Please also sign and date the bottom portion. Any typed name will not be accepted as a substitute for handwritten signatures.


Bonus Terms and Conditions – You will receive this form in the email if you participate in the promotional offer.

Kindly sign and date it before sending PesaFX a copy. PesaFX will not accept any typed signatures.

Should you have any questions or concerns about the verification of your account, PesaFX welcomes you to contact PesaFX by email, phone, or live chat. Drop PesaFX a note at [email protected].

PesaFX is owned and operated by PesaFX LTD.


Risk Disclaimer: Online Trading has the potential to yield high profits, but it also involves significant risks. For this reason, PesaFX advises consumers not to trade funds that they cannot afford to lose. The trading outcome is dependent upon an unpredictable market. It is possible to lose one’s initial investment, and PesaFX, therefore, recommends that traders devise a money management system, including Seeking professional advice, to protect their investments. Premium live trades are displayed with fixed selections for the convenience of the trader. PesaFX encourages new and existing Traders to keep up to date with the Terms and Conditions before trading. is owned and operated by PesaFX LTD.